softwareHere is a list of some of the best software that Naturally IQ uses in relation to Salesforce, with a hint of PC support on the side.

Integrates Salesforce with your online accounting system.  This is one of the few integrations that offers true two-way syncing.  There are two apps, one that integrates Salesforce with QuickBooks Online, and the other that integrates Salesforce with Xero (paid)

Campaign Status
Automates the setting up of Campaign Member Statuses on Salesforce (free)

Event Bridge
Want to get data out of Eventbrite and into Salesforce on a regular basis? Automate it, save hassle and improve data quality. More flexible than any other commercial offering. Proudly built with the involvement and expertise of Naturally IQ! (paid)

Say goodbye to many PC headaches!  Really!  This updates all your favourite PC programs in one go.  Can’t be recommended highly enough and so easy to use (free)

We love Slack!  This app lets you communicate to your team(s) in realtime, retain history and share links/files easily.  Light footprint and easy to use, no wonder it has come from nowhere to be the top of everyone’s collaboration app’s list within a few years (free for very good basic features; price plans available more advanced features)

Talend Open Studio
Data migration studio that allows you to pull in data from Access, SQL and many other formats and migrate it into Salesforce.  It’s not for the novice however! (open source)

Team Viewer
Log on to someone else’s screen in seconds (with their permission) (free for non-commercial use)

Zapier allows connects between different Cloud-based applications, whether it’s Salesforce, Twilio or Shopify or a combination thereof (free for non-commercial organisations for 5 “zaps”/1000 tasks a month)