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Communicating with customers (whether that’s clients, donors or members) is one of the most fundamental aspects of any organisation. Since our establishment in 2011, the vast majority of our customers have had this requirement.

That’s why we are proud to be a recommended partner of Campaign Monitor for Salesforce.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce (CM4SF) is the top-rated tool to connect Campaign Monitor with Salesforce. Easy to use, and fully integrated, it makes sending out mailings painless and smooth. You can be confident that all the information from Campaign Monitor (unsubscribers and bouncebacks particularly) is updated automatically in Salesforce, ensuring you have clean data and are GDPR compliant, where appropriate. In combination with the power of Salesforce reporting, and Campaign Monitor’s Customer Journeys, when you are ready for that stage, you’re on your way to a healthy mailing list with an engaged audience.

Both Campaign Monitor and CM4SF also offer high quality support with quick turnaround times, in line with our own customer service philosophies.

Why a Quick Starter package?

Setting up an integrated mass email solution for the first time can be daunting. You are likely to have other competing demands on your time. By leveraging our experience we can help build the right solution for you, saving you time, money and effort.

Our package includes:

  • installation
  • email authentication setup (SFP/DKIM) to avoid hitting spam filters
  • one-click addition to mailing list (not available out of the box, as every client differs slightly in their existing setup)
  • transfer of an existing mailing list

We do this in partnership with you, liaising with any relevant teams as required.

Our current implementation package starts at £/€2500 +VAT, with discounts available for nonprofit organisations.

On Going Support

We appreciate that many clients and partners just want help to set up Campaign Monitor the first time; for those that want more we also offer pre-paid support with no time expiry, for you to use and as when convenient, for future enhancements and any training requirements. We find that a pre-paid package of 14 hours is suitable for most customer needs, but other options are available.


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Further Reading

For quick and easy access, here are the pricing pages for Campaign Monitor and Beaufort12’s CM4SF. Please use the slider at the top of their pages to choose the correct number of contacts (email addresses) that you have.