Paul Ginsberg

Paul was introduced to the Salesforce ecosystem in 2011 and hasn’t looked back. Since then he’s helped set up the Amsterdam User Group (stepping down after 4 years, in 2020), he was on the inaugral team of YeurDreamin and is now involved with Nonprofit Dreamin – all activities empowering, connecting and helping to educate others in the Salesforce ecosystem.

In 2018 Paul was awarded a prestigous Golden Hoodie from Salesforce. His specialities are nonprofits, small and medium sized businesses, with many satisfied long-term customers; he loves helping organisations unlock their potential, and is always willing to just get stuck in!

For more details please see Paul’s LinkedIn profile; he’s also active on Twitter and, of course, he’s quite well known for his writing too.


Eli Kaufman

Eli has over 10 years’ experience in the world of Operations giving real world experience on how to best leverage the use of Salesforce, and customer support technology in general, in today’s multi-channel marketplace.

Did we mention he likes travelling? Whether it’s in Brazil, Japan or Israel, he’s happy to support and train wherever your company needs it.

For more details please see Eli’s LinkedIn profile.