Neurodiversity Around the World

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Written by Paul Ginsberg

25th June 2024

A short post to highlight two events – one in person and one online only.

Understanding your colleagues better! ADHD and the World of Neurodiversity

This is a world premier! Together with Roger Farrow, we’re delighted to bring our first neurodiversity-specific talk to the Salesforce ecosystem… and even more proud that London’s Calling accepted the proposal.

For those that don’t know, London’s Calling is the Europe’s biggest Salesforce community conference, with nearly 1000 attendees and 11 different learning tracks, back for a 9th edition on 19th July 2024!

This is Roger’s and my mission:

The #1 cause of project failure is the human element, not technical aspects. Join us for a better understanding of the 20% of people who don’t fit into the neatest of boxes, as well as gaining a happier and more productive work life. You’ll be better able to support your colleagues, uncover their (or your) hidden potential, reducing stress for everyone.

Sharing stories from the SF ecosystem, we’ll touch upon autism, dyslexia, and more: sharing tips on how to help each other thrive!

Sign up for your in-person ticket here. The session could also be available as part of the online ticket but this is not guaranteed and you will also be missing out on the opportunity to ask questions and network (which is the hidden magic of any conference).

Amplifying Best Practices in Neuroinclusive Education

Taking a step back from the Salesforce universe, Earlier this month, I was delighted to (virtually) travel to the Ghana, Netherlands, Nigeria and the Philippines. I moderated a session looking at neuroinclusivity challenges around the world, and ways to promote neurodiversity in education. If you want some fascinating insights, then this LinkedIn Live session, part of NeuroEmergence 2024, can be found here.

Screenshot of all 4 presenters and me as moderator

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