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Written by Paul Ginsberg

30th August 2022

Trouble focusing? Always on-the-go? Get irritated by background noise? There’s many ways that neurodiversity presents itself. Some visible, some not. Did you know that Salesforce has a series of accommodations (allowances) for those with any kind of medical issue?

Since I wrote my last Salesforce Ben article back in February quite a few people have reached out to me, to let me know that they think they have ADHD, including a close friend who I would never have guessed! The good news is that the tide is turning on awareness and people are having more conversations about what being on the neurodiverse spectrum means. For instance, I am incredibly indebted to Yumi Kawai-Nakasone for highlighting to me the flexibility Salesforce enables for exam taking.

Admittedly it was a struggle to get to this point – of having the right information – so hopefully this makes the path easier for you, especially as official articles on the matter are currently not entirely clear. I suspect it’s work in progress.

You want to know the deal? Read on with my latest article for Salesforce Ben!

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