In 2017, Paul Ginsberg picked up the blog habit and now regularly posts for the Dutch branch of as well as elsewhere. Want to keep up to date? You can follow Paul on LinkedIn, Twitter or there’s a mailing list sign up button if you click through to any of his posts.

Celebrating the year!

What persuades 60 people to come out on a cold, icy, transport-disrupted December night? Read on! The Dutch version of this article can be seen on the Salesforce NL blog. My thanks to Salesforce for their help with the translation. You can view the full...

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Taking Salesforce Certification Exams At Home

Here’s the situation: I’m in a capital(ish) city, wanting to take my Advanced Administrator exam; it never hurts to have a bit of paper to back up my claims of experience and knowledge. Originally published on AdminHero, click this link to see the full...

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