After YeurDreamin – diving deeper into the Ohana!

Written by Paul Ginsberg

14th June 2019

You’ve come, networked, been educated, and had the opportunity to reflect on your own business challenges and opportunities. What comes next?

We’ve got a few calls to action that you might want to consider to keep in touch with your inner Ohana over the next 12 months until YeurDreamin 2020.

Trailhead with Friends
Hopefully by now you’ve heard of Trailhead, the free online learning platform, which ranges from softskills, to the everyday bread and butter to the latest developments. And if you need to “sell” Trailhead to anyone thinking of a career change, just listen to Jurn’s story from this year’s Amsterdam World Tour.

But how about doing Trailhead with coffee, cake and perhaps olives? Every week around the world, people gather together, to work through Trailheads, making learning more social and even more fun. We’ve put all the details online about the 40+ Salesforce Saturday and Trailhead Tuesday groups worldwide, how to sign up, and where they happen. Or, of course, you can start your own.

Community Groups?
Loved your sessions? If only there way a way to access that content locally… oh yes, there is!

From Developer to Admin, from Generalist to Marketing, and also special focus groups such as Women in Tech and Nonprofit, Trailblazers regularly meet up in towns and cities and the world, usually in the evening. Here you can get participate in bite-sized sessions to keep your skillset current, have free pizza (or if you’re lucky, and in Amsterdam, Thai curry) and relax and network after a hard day’s work.

The discussions can continue online too. There’s the Trailblazer Community with it’s dedicated Answer section (99% of all questions, answered!) and ability to genuinely influence the Salesforce roadmap through Ideas or, if you prefer more realtime communication, there’s the Ohana Slack with 1000+ deeply engaged members, or keep in touch with other YeurDreamin attendees through our exclusive YeurDreamin19 Slack.

You may also want to consider Twitter, which is really the Ohana’s inner-circle communication mechanism. Our pro-tip: start by following the speakers that you really enjoyed at YeurDreamin and go from there.

But I just love community conferences!
Europe has you covered!

Prague: 16th August
Paris: 20th September
Cambridge: 4th October

…and there’s the return of London’s Calling, DreamOlé and Skiforce in 2020, as well as other community conferences worldwide.

Last one: if you’re local to the Benelux or just likely to pass through on business or pleasure in the near future, do keep an eye out on our DutchSFCommunity website which has a nifty calendar listing all the local events of interest.

Tot ziens! (see you soon)

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