Amsterdam World Tour – a first timer’s guide

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Written by Paul Ginsberg

6th March 2018

Ok, I have to admit to being enthusiastic. On Thursday, 12th April, I’ll be going to Amsterdam World Tour with 3000 others. Why am I so excited, despite it still being two months away? Read on to find out!

That said, if you want to skip straight to the event sign-up, the link is here:

The Dutch version of this article can be seen on the Salesforce NL blog. My thanks to Salesforce for their help with the translation. You can view the full English version below.

What is the Amsterdam World Tour?
Amsterdam World Tour is part of Salesforce’s commitment to bring the magic of Dreamforce (Salesforce’s big annual conference) directly to you. We’re talking about inspiring speeches, innovating visions, big demonstrations from the cutting edge and stories of transformation in Dutch companies, plus plenty more so that there’s something for everyone. And all for free! (unlike Dreamforce)

Who is World Tour intended for?
With so many attendees, there’s a wide variety that come along to the World Tour, from students finishing education (whether school or university) to people returning to the workforce; from those looking for a career change to day-to-day Salesforce users; or experienced “pros” (consultants, developers and product owners amongst others).

Salesforce has highlighted that the day is for a whole variety of different job roles and industry sectors. Space being short they didn’t even mention about the Non Profit sector, which they are strong advocates of; there will be sessions for all on the day.

What does the day consist of?
For early birds there will be breakout sessions from 08:00*, highlighting industry-specific case studies and showcasing the latest developments that 3 releases a year brings to the platform. You will probably find that, even at this early hour, there’s more you want to attend than you have time for. Our pro tip is, if you are going with a friend, split up and go to different sessions, so you can cover more content and compare notes later.

At 09:45 there will be a big keynote for the 3000+ attendees. Good thing it’s in the RAI as it’s a lot of people in one room! This is where the top product managers from Salesforce come to highlight the successes and achievements over the last year, and give you their insights into where business is going and what you need to concentrate on to stay ahead of the game.

After that, from 11:30 the day moves into a more flexible format and runs until 17:30. As well as a huge variety of breakout sessions, they’ll be an admin zone, a developer zone and a Success zone. These are areas where you can ask questions directly to experienced “pros”. These pros are actually volunteers who have given up their time because they believe in the power of Salesforce to transform lives and businesses – all part of the Trailblazer community.

And if that wasn’t enough they’ll also be a Success Cloud Expo where local partners will be available to talk about and demo their latest products or assistance with implementing Salesforce (whether it is by adding functionality, streamlining processes or improving internal adoption).

There’s more!
Your afternoon will be well and truly filled but if all that wasn’t enough, there’s the personal journey to consider.

Why not pop by the Communities Booth in the Cloud Expo where Community Group leaders (like this author) will be on hand to let you know about the regular User Group meetings throughout Benelux and also Salesforce Saturdays which are rapidly expanding and can now be found in Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Den Haag and Brussels. We’ll also be having our very own breakout session, but I can’t reveal more here: we’re making sure that we’re going to be bring the magic of the Community Groups to World Tour! Check the program on the day for more details.

What did people say about 2017’s event?
From a personal perspective it was fun and I got to meet and chat to a wide range of people that I wouldn’t have otherwise spoken to (bring business cards!), as well as still picking up hints and tips about my favourite product.

Speaking to friends, colleagues and other people on the day, everyone gets a lot out of it: it’s a big event that manages to appeal to wide variety of attendees in different ways, whether it’s the problem-solving abilities for new customers, the breadth of the product for existing customers wishing to leverage more of its potential, or the appetising prospect of joining such a values-driven journey for you, our trailblazing individual!

Any more questions?
Check out the FAQs and remember to register while there are still tickets available!

*All timings are provisional; download the event app (iPhone/Android) for up to date info and to help you make the most of your day.

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