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Written by Paul Ginsberg

30th August 2018

We’re going to set the scene: You have possibly been using Salesforce for some years and you have seen sales significantly increase, business processes become more streamlined and even employee satisfaction improve. You’ve actually been able to try new innovations you hadn’t even thought of when Salesforce was first proposed to you.

But are you missing out on something?

This article was originally published, with help, in Dutch on the Salesforce NL blog. It is continues below in English…

Salesforce have Circles of Success, Accelerators and a huge online community as options available to you, but we think one of the best methods is talking to your peers – people in a similar position to yourself. Fortunately, in the Netherlands this is very possible!

Whether you are a business user, product owner, administrator or CEO, every month in the Netherlands there are many opportunities to talk to peers on similar journeys courtesy of the Trailblazer community-led program.

Our community has doubled over the last year (the accompanying photo shows the Amsterdam User Group’s Summer Social). We hope that with the member-led workshops, presentations and personal stories, we’re just going to keep on growing and offering even more!

Here’s what’s happening just this September…

Amsterdam User Group (6th September)
The short headlines are: Field Service Lightning; Challenging Personal Demons: Change Management for Your Life; Equality and Perspective.

We have Jodi Wagner MVP and Kathryn Chlosta (our very own co-leader and Vice-Chair, YeurDreamin) presenting and all we can say is “highly recommended!” For more details and to RSVP click here. Also many thanks to Newcraft who are sponsoring.

Amsterdam User Group presents: Apex Adventures for Beginners – Developer Basics Training (22nd September and then weekly)
Aimed at Administrators who want to learn the basics of being a developer, and then who knows!! 10 week commitment required, at a secret location on the borders of Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Not just Trailhead, but a full training opportunity! RSVP here.

Global Trailhead Saturday (8th September, morning)
Come and experience the #SalesforceOhana in action, as our local Trailhead Saturday groups come together in Amsterdam for this one-off global special. Find out what the fuss is all about! It’s also a great way to introduce friends or family to Salesforce for the first time. RSVP here.

Other Trailhead/Salesforce Saturday groups meeting in the near future include Den Haag (15th September), Den Bosch (22nd September) and Utrecht (29th September). Also, Haarlem are expecting to be joining the family shortly!

Marketing Cloud in Amsterdam (20th September)
The Rotterdam Marketing User Group are coming to Amsterdam to talk about Einstein, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and give an opportunity to network. What more do you want? RSVP here.

Breaking news! We’re at Dreamforce (25th September)
Strictly speaking this event is being organised by Salesforce themselves, but expect to see some familiar faces as well as get to know new friends, so it sounds to us like a community event to us, except also with DJs! RSVP here.

Over the next few months the Amsterdam Women in Tech, Developer User Group, Nonprofit User Group, Rotterdam User Group will also be meeting. For even more details about the wider Benelux region please see our website.

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