Paul’s Cloud Integrate Diary, episode 1!

Written by Paul Ginsberg

22nd February 2019

This is my new monthly collection of thoughts on the following themes:

  • What’s the most exciting Salesforce news I’ve recently heard.
  • What’s going on in the Dutch Salesforce Community.
  • What’s the projects that I, and my colleagues, are working on at Cloud Integrate, which we can share with the world.

And all in a short snappy format! What could possibly go wrong? 🙂

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

Salesforce News

Salesforce’s Spring 19 landed earlier this month. Have you started using the new Pinned Lists yet? Anything which makes Salesforce easier to use for end users, on an every single day-to-day basis, is a win for me!

But there was good news for Admins, again on the ease of use front. Flow got a major makeover, with the aim of making it easier/less scary for Admins to use.

Lastly, everyone benefits if the costs go down. Minimum included data storage went upfrom 1gb to 10gb, which should have a positive impact on everyone’s bills, either right now or in the future. Hurrah!

Community News

Amsterdam World Tour on 7th March is expected to be 6,000 people-strong this year; last year it was “only” 4,500. We look forward to seeing you there if you got a ticket in time (they’re now sold out!).

We’ve just heard that there will a Netherlands Nonprofit Sprint in April. This is aimed at Nonprofit and Education customers. are sending over their best product engineers and will be designing features specifically for the Dutch market during this single day – actively listen and iterate their designs in consultation with you. I’ve already signed up, as it’s a bit of a “wow” by all accounts! FAQs and more details here.

Closer to home

So what have we been working on at Cloud Integrate? Recently we’ve been exploring FormTitan, a newcomer to the webforms-into-Salesforce category. Apart from their breathtaking pace of innovation, what’s really impressed me is their transparency. We wanted to record our initial introductory conversation. Some AppExchange partners don’t like doing that, but FormTitan went one better and posted the walkthrough straight to YouTube, with our permission of course. Our first project is now underway.

We’ve also been on-boarding new members of staff. We’re proud to have Gil Levy join us and he’s already helped us work through knotty challenges. Gauhar Kassymbek and Ana Kelly Campos have also joined us for Cloud Integrate University, our brand new training program; the name hints our aspirations in this area!

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