Paul’s Cloud Integrate Diary (March edition)

Written by Paul Ginsberg

19th March 2019

It’s been an exciting month with Amsterdam World Tour and celebrating Salesforce’s 20th birthday; but there’s still time to tell you

  • What’s the most exciting Salesforce news I’ve recently heard
  • What’s going on in the Dutch Salesforce Community
  • What’s the projects that I, and my colleagues, are working on at Cloud Integrate, which we can share with the world.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

Salesforce News

Trailhead has been a game-changer ever since it was launched in 2014. It’s now the first port of call when learning about Salesforce (and I use it for learning soft skills too!). MyTrailhead launched last week, enabling companies to have their own fun-filled, easy-to-maintain, learning centre. The only thing I predict is that this shouldn’t be underestimated and I’m excited about the various use-cases I’ve already heard about. Want to know more? SalesforceBen already has an article on it, and the aim is to bring it to the Amsterdam User Group on 22nd May.

Interested in sales? Even if you’re not in sales, sometimes it’s useful to know what others think, as this will influence your job role, such as AI being a key area which continues to rapidly evolve (think Einstein the the investment Salesforce is making into it). Salesforce have released their State of Sales report, with country-specific data. Need help making the business case about where your investment budget should be spent? This will definitely help you.

Community News

A huge shout out to Jurn, our brand new, well-deserved, Golden Hoodie, presented by Salesforce NL country lead Eva Heffernan as part of the Keynote at Amsterdam World Tour. Want to know why? If you missed the rather wonderful event last week, later on this week you will be able to hear Jurn speak about his amazing journey, thanks to YouTube (video arriving this Sunday, 24th March).

There’s so much going on in the Dutch community, that there’s now a brand new websiteto help you see where’s available for you to network and learn, and have a bit of fun at the same time. Check out the brand new The main promise is, just like Salesforce, it will continue to improve and evolve! Let me have any feedback, as I had a helping hand in its creation.

Company News

We’re pleased to reveal a poorly kept secret. We love Elements.Cloud. They have a great product that helps you understand your Salesforce org, clean it up and document it. We now use it as standard for all new clients, and their Chrome extension makes light work of gaining fresh insights into your org as you’re using it. Highly recommended!

Our client, Novagraaf, has been successfully using Sales Cloud for a while but recently decided to upgrade their quotation system. They had a legacy system no longer met business needs, and, rather than invest in another bespoke system, it was recognised that enhancing the existing Salesforce system would bring much greater return on investment.

Through thorough business analysis we’ve come up with a solution based on Platform licenses, and avoiding an off-the-shelf CPQ solution as this was not required. There’s two significant advantages with this approach: the custom user interface is streamlined, making it easy for users to generate quotes fitting their business needs. The bonus is that by engaging users during the development process and incorporating their feedback we managed to get a good buy-in from the team that contributes to adoption. Interested in finding out more and leverage our business approach – contact us to arrange a meeting.

Tot ziens – more next month! 🙂

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