Set Up Salesforce With Google Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign On banner image

Written by Paul Ginsberg

2nd September 2020

One of the more tedious jobs as a Salesforce admin is resetting user’s passwords. Even though there’s a button on the Salesforce login screen which says “Forgot your password”, some people don’t notice it.

If only there was an easier way?

The concept behind Single Sign-On (SSO) is easy: sign in to one system, and then be automatically signed into all the rest of the applications you need. Fewer passwords, fewer headaches, less tedium and it should enable you to get on with what you actually intended to do, rather than get bogged with admin stuff such as hunting around for where you put your password hint.

For more details about how to easily set up Single Sign On without any code check out my article on SalesforceBen.

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